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Your purchase of our products helps us to privately fund major rescue, recovery and refuge missions for female victims of evil forces globally. We also independently finance multiple other humanitarian and human rights projects and SAR operations. Donations are currently not accepted, otherwise. THANK YOU!

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Support REVOKED:
Community United Effort (CUE) using the website: Center for Missing Persons, an IRS and State of North Carolina 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, has failed our 2019 and 2020 most basic vetting. Support has been revoked. Investigations are underway. Make your own decisions before donating to this organization and use standard vetting precautions. 

We have revoked support for CUE.  We have now conducted investigations into suspicious activities of the organization after failed basic vetting alerted alarming adverse behavior by CUE's Director’s misconduct toward our vetting procedures and policy. Universal state and federal vetting recommendations help prevent donors from becoming victims of nonprofit scams and/or other unethical and illegal procedures, including embezzlement and other crimes, contrary to state and federal nonprofit rules and regulations.

Even organizations that are involved in great causes can have leaders that are instrumental in crimes such as embezzlement and unlawfully skimming of funds and materials to divert them for their own personal use. We are not suggesting any such thing is occurring with this organization.  What we are saying is we strongly suggest you protect yourself from those adverse conditions by properly vetting any and all organizations you intend to donate to. Red flags are, however, raised to suggest that exact thing may be occurring when a nonprofit's officer rejects any vetting of their organization contrary to suggested state and federal recommendations. Why would any legitimate tax-exempt nonprofit organization avoid vetting if there wasn't something to cover up?  We suggest you conduct your own vetting before contributing any financial support to any tax-exempt nonprofit organizations including those listed above or on our websites. Because we have favorable or unfavorable vetting results does not mean that you will. Don't take our word for it. Do your own vetting and conduct complete research using the best tools at your disposal. Use standard vetting guidelines regularly available on the internet, in libraries or through our publications. Use common sense and be aware of any refusal or stalling to comply with your vetting rights.


If an organization fails your vetting request, report them promptly to the IRS and to their Secretary of State and/or state Attorney General for investigation and follow up. Nonprofit managers have a legal responsibility and duty to perform their decisions in the best interest of the organization they control and not to allow personal opinions to interfere with that ​management decision process.

Like shopping at a retail market, you must protect your own money. You should NEVER have to work hard to put money in someone else's pocket. NEVER! Don't allow others who disrespect you and abuse you to benefit from your hard-earned money for their income and personal gain. Don't be a victim of crime or abuse. There are more than 1.3 million tax-exempt nonprofits in the United States to choose from when selecting a charity to contribute financial support to. Always make sure you select one that is compatible with your beliefs and that respects you as a donor. Never allow anyone to abuse you or disrespect you. Monitor our publications for the best vetting advice and sound procedures.

Freedom & Independence depends on being able to make your own choices, not to be shackled by the decisions of others. Remember, "No one gives you power, real power you take!"

                                                                                               Snipers Are Cheaper Than Lawyers!

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