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Clifford G. Harrison,

Author & Publisher

~A Humanitarian Capitalist~

~A Humanitarian Company~

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From the land near the base of Sunrise Mountain, in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada USA comes an innovated, young publishing company. When the sun rises over the Sunrise Mountain the darkness is illuminated over Nellis Air Force Base, The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sunrise Mountain Publishing​™ and the  Vegas Valley where neon lights and nightlife made Las Vegas the famous Entertainment Capital of the World.

“Men have always disrespected and bullied females; and women will always have to fight their way to empowerment. Danica Sue Patrick does not have to win a NASCAR race to prove she is a winner, she is already our champion!” -- Cliff Harrison

Las Vegas, NV USA

~The American Bald Eagle is our mascot--the bird that soars in the skies of Freedom & Independence™ ~


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