We are rebranding our image and products. Soon, we will be engaging in massive publishing of materials of a diverse nature for your reading enjoyment. We hope you stay focused on our publishing company and our aspirations. We also wish to take this time to mourn the losses of some of our most elite heroes in the combat teams and of rescue missions overseas that failed horrendously. Liberating the oppressed is never a safe mission to be engaged in. The evil among us and in the dark corners of the world is an overwhelming and challenging force. God Bless the heroes that never came back home.... and will never be reported in the local or national news.

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-Secret Societies & Covert Operations

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- Sniper Novels & Short Stories
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- Science Fiction & Fantasy
- Robotics, Biogenetics, A.I. Stories
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- Horror, Western, Mainstream &   Experimental Stories

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- The Clifford G. Harrison DIY

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- DIY, Self-Help & How-to Books
- DIY Bedbug Extermination System
- DIY Cockroach Eradication System

- How-to Win Against a Slumlord
- How-to Rebuild Your Credit
- Teaching Yourself Self-Education
- Learning the basics to Self-Discipline
- Much more Do-It-Yourself and Self-       Empowerment Books

-Political, Social, Economic, Religious and Culture Writing. Essays & Articles. Collections. Journals. Memoirs Editions.

-Current Events, Human Rights & Events Humanities. Humanitarianism.

-Philosophical Essays & Philosophy Books. MEDICAL PREDATORS.

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Memoirs & Journals. Collections.

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   Sunrise Mountain Publishing is a wholly-owned operating company of HARRISON HOLDING.

                  Just remember: Snipers Are Cheaper Than Lawyers!

HARRISON HOLDING's and its operating companies, including Sunrise Mountain Publishing’s net proceeds supports vital humanitarian and human rights operations.  These includes missions of our own and of our partners: SAR operations; search & rescue, search & recovery, commando extraction operations of children and adult female victims of evil forces; violent predators, criminal perpetrators, and oppressive patriarchal tyrants as well as several other related missions and unrelated operations including advanced research and development projects of general dynamics.

~For-profit helping nonprofits & victims of evil and tragedy~

Secret Weapons Book 3
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Liberators of the Oppressed
These Are the Alpha Teams
 The Elite of the Elite, the Liberators of the Oppressed:

"Don't be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together."  -- Anonymous

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